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New: nntp/web forums to discuss newsreaders, servers, Usenet, nntp, etc. !

Also new: XML (RSS/Atom) section

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Give your novice users an easy introduction to newsgroups and Usenet!

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Servers, clients, utilities, info....

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Newsfeeds and Peering (Get a Usenet subscription!)
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Directories, FAQs, Charters, Regional, Private, Creating/Hosting, Moderation,...

PDAs and Newsgroups
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Books,Newsgroups about news, technical,Links...Clients stats

Anonymity, Encryption/Signing, Spam

Servers and server utilities
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Tools (developers (esp. NNTP)

Utilities (end-user)

XML (RSS and Atom)

Utilize a Windows-based Active Directory software for your business.

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