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What are binaries?

Binaries are to newsgroups as "attached files" are to e-mail, or "downloads" are to web browsing. Although many people read and post to newsgroups for the text content, since files can be encoded into text form for later decoding, newsgroups also can contain files. While theoretically these files could be text files, since text can already be read directly from a newsgroup, most people do not post text files as file attachments in newsgroups. Since non-text files are referred to as "binary" files, newsgroups meant for file attachments usually have "binaries" in the newsgroup name.

What sort of binaries are there?

Pictures (alt.binaries.disney but also various adult groups), multimedia, MP3, application programs (legit and pirated), etc.

How to post them?

Check the instructions that come with your favorite newsreader. If there are any utilities that specialize in posting binaries, please let me know. How to read them?

What newsfeed do you recommend?
If you are not satisfied with your current newsfeed, or don't have one at all, see the Newsfeeds list. Although the general newsfeeds should have binary groups, there are also newsfeed services that specialize in binaries, listed at the bottom of that page. For binaries, I especially recommend EasyNews. They specialize in binaries, offering Web or newsreader access!
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