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  1. alt.consumers
  2. alt.consumers.auto-service
  3. alt.consumers.experiences Use misc.consumers instead.
  4. alt.consumers.free-stuff Free offers and how to take advantage of them.
  5. alt.consumers.free-stuff.nospam
  6. alt.consumers.pest-control Pest control in and around buildings.
  7. alt.consumers.sweepstakes You may have already won!
  8. alt.consumers.uk-discounts.and.bargains
  9. alt.consumers.uk-freebies
  10. aol.news.business.products.consumer-household
  11. aus.consumers
  12. ba.consumers Experiences with retail outlets in the bay area.
  13. can.consumers Consumer interests, product reviews etc. in Canada.
  14. clari.living.consumer Consumer issues and products. (Moderated)
  15. clari.web.living.consumer
  16. cmi.consumer
  17. cmi.consumer.gourmand
  18. co.consumers
  19. fido7.moldova.consumer Fidonet MOLDOVA.CONSUMER (Moderated)
  20. free.uk.scotland.help-consumers
  21. microsoft.public.consumer.products
  22. misc.consumer
  23. misc.consumer.house
  24. misc.consumers Consumer interests, product reviews, etc.
  25. misc.consumers.frugal-living Practicing a frugal lifestyle.
  26. misc.consumers.house Discussion about owning and maintaining a house.
  27. misc.consumers.house.homeowner-assn Common interest housing developments.
  28. misc.kids.consumers Products related to kids.
  29. pdx.consumer
  30. pnet.consumer.forsale Items for sale.
  31. pnet.consumer.talk Discussion of consumer issues.
  32. pnet.consumer.wanted
  33. relcom.consumers Consumer info on products and services. No ads.
  34. sg.consumers Consumer forum for Singapore
  35. tw.bbs.soc.consumers ƯOÏȶa
  36. uiuc.consumers
  37. uiuc.misc.consumers Consumer issues.
  38. uk.people.consumers Discussion about products and services
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