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NewsRover: for discussion groups and binaries!
NewsRover: for discussion groups and binaries!

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This section of the site contains a script that will direct people to a page containing links to access the newsgroup desired.

You might be wondering why have such a page rather than linking directly to the newsgroup.

While you and I, however, may be familiar with newsgroups and FAQs, beginners might not know how or where to get started.

Thus by pointing a beginner to: (keep in mind that the user will just see "comp.test" or something like that)
rather than:

there is a better chance of getting this user started in the right direction.

The page created gives the user a choice of: Instead of complaining that Usenet is getting worse, do something about it. Help direct new Usenet/newsgroup users to a resource to help them get started, without having to clutter up your own page with multiple links, and without a big inconvenience to experienced users (the first link on the web page is a direct link to the newsgroup).

How to use this resource: (quick answer -- have a link created for you at newsgroup search page)

Just create a link to but substitute "groupname" with the newsgroup name.

For groups on a private/corporate server, try

Here is a sample link to comp.test. Although you can name the link whatever you want, it is suggested that you use the group name. For example:
   Use comp.test newsgroup to see if you are successfully posting articles.

If the FAQ for the group hasn't been submitted to any of the *answers groups, you can create a link that refers to a specific page as the FAQ by creating a link and substitute "url" with the actual URL.

To check to see if a group has had a FAQ submitted to one of the *answers groups, go here.
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