I hope you will try Giganews or UsenetServer for your news subscription -- especially as a holiday present for your friends, family, or yourself!

No operating specified for this download

Version 3.8 of NewsPlex is available for both Windows and Linux.
(For memory, this is a freeware news-server aggregator, transparently
creating one virtual news-server out of dozens of probably incomplete
real servers.)

Major new features are:

     - All commands are now available from the Web interface
     - Groups can be easily deactivated
     - The age of articles added to database can be limited
     - Categories can be defined for servers, to set article
       download preferences
     - Async downloads can be easily cancelled
     - NewsPlex now only asks about new groups and not all
       groups when exploring a server.
     - Utilities now comprise notably NpJPEG for intelligently restoring
       corrupted JPEGs back to their original condition and NpPost for
       posting or reposting files and articles.

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