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I hope you will try Giganews or UsenetServer for your news subscription -- especially as a holiday present for your friends, family, or yourself!

Breaking news - please try Usenet.NL


Webmasters can sign up to refer customers to GUBA!

The following services offer news subscriptions for individuals. See also ISP/corporate feeds and peering/propogation

Please try one of these services, to support
Fullfeeds (discussion and binary) Binaries (pictures, movies, sounds, programs, etc. Go the the Binaries page for more explanation.)

Giganews: "Highest retention and best completion rates. Built for broadband access."

NewsDemon Newsgroups: Long retention, competitive prices.

Alibis "120,000 uncensored usenet newsgroups, the ultimate file trading service. images, jpg's, adult and non adult, music and mp3 files, movies, programs and discussion groups of all kinds. We are the Alt.binaries company."

Newsguy: "Web and NNTP Hi-Speed connections, long retention, complete large files sets, Web Interface includes thumbnails and Batch Download for ease of use with video, music and image files. Advanced Usenet Message Search makes locating files and groups of files a snap. Spam Hippo filtered newsgroups with a wide selection of accounts to suit individual needs."

NNTPJunkie - "No frills Usenet for experienced users. High Speed, Web and NNTP reader access. Single account type optimized for heavy use. Capacity replenishable on demand. Includes SpamHippo Email. An excellent value."

RGI News - "Appropriately priced accounts for light and heavy Usenet users. Renewable capacity. NNTP news reader and Pathlink's Direct Read News web access. SpamHippo protected email included with all account types. Good, solid reliable Usenet."

GUBA: web-based for individuals. Gigantic Usenet Binary Archive offers a paid service to view newsgroup files via your web browser. The intuitave interface gives viewers access to hundreds of newsgroups. GUBA is really supporting me now, and I hope you will give them a try for your binary needs!

EasyNews specializes in binaries! (also has discussion) Web or newsreader access!

If the above do not meet your needs, try other individual subscription options (both full and binary feeds)

Sites about newsfeeds:


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de.comm.provider.usenet (Germany)
Public Access Usenet Sites category at Yahoo! I only recommend the free web-based ones that operate via a gateway. I do not recommend taking advantage of unsecured NNTP sites.

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