Spoiler Handling

I hope you will try Giganews or UsenetServer for your news subscription -- especially as a holiday present for your friends, family, or yourself!

When reading groups like rec.arts.sf.written and alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer, people frequently don't want to have their enjoyment of works they haven't seen/read yet "spoiled" by finding out what is going to happen in advance. To help them avoid it, posters are encouraged to insert the "spoiler char" (aka form-feed, 0x0C, control-L) -- when newsreaders encounter this character they take various steps to prevent the reader from seeing the rest of the message. Here's pictures and descriptions of what some of those programs do.

Spoiler protection on the Mac:
Spoiler protection under Win95/NT:
Spoiler protection under unix:
Misc. Spoiler protection: The alt.fan.warlord faq has a section on spoilers.

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