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Below is an extract of the bug/feature request that have been posted to
this group. It's possible, even likely, that I've missed some, but this
is most of them.

I start off with various things *I* consider "bugs" (listed mainly in
order of what I consider importance), and then go on to the various
additional features people have requested.  Additional features are
/mainly/ in a fairly random order, but I start off with what I consider
some of the more important ones.

Outlook Express Bugs/Wishes


URL to article

Summary Description

1 Bug
<OvM2yn1hAHA.1308@tkmsftngp02> Fix word wrap bug (quoted text is wrapped incorrectly), also see <>
2 Bug
<> Use correct sigdash, "-- "
3 Bug
<> Don't mangle the Message-ID when creating the attribution
4 Bug
<etIKslFiAHA.1312@tkmsftngp04> OE needs to trim References so that some servers won't refuse followup posts.
5 Bug
<> When encoding Subject with 8 bit characters, "Re: " gets encoded.
6 Bug
<> Some localized versions of OE fail to use the proper "Re: " and instead use "SV: " or "Antw:"
7 Bug
<uZsOXV7kAHA.2164@tkmsftngp05> NG messages marked as watched by message rules often losing their account info
8 Bug
<uZsOXV7kAHA.2164@tkmsftngp05> In-Reply-To header is currently not being included in mail messages
9 Bug
<> OE's handling of Followup-To: poster generates incorrect message.
10 Bug
<exDWSeMpAHA.2236@tkmsftngp05> OE is leaving a zero byte [*] or CA* file in TIF when closing
11 Bug
<> News messages opened via URL's treated as mail messages
12 Bug
<9223su$51u$06$> Fix incorrect reporting of number of articles in group being downloaded
13 Bug
<#qglS2NfAHA.1828@tkmsftngp05> Sometimes OE shows an article on IMAP server as unavailable when it is aavailable
14 Bug
<> Content-Disposition is ignored
15 Bug
<Aj0_5.3051$> Send and receive messages at startup doesn't check newsgroups
16 Bug
<OClZZGTaAHA.1988@tkmsftngp04> Fix "begin" at the start of a line being treated as the start of an attachment
17 Bug
<e#uk8jYpAHA.2336@tkmsftngp05> Long Subjects cause body to be displayed as an attachment
18 Bug
<eXKi7oYZAHA.1332@tkmsftngp05> Don't scan multi-part posts for HTML links (mpg's, jpeg's etc)
19 Bug
<Xns9038C619C2F3Asandihardmeiermvpsor@> New Message Icon sometimes doesn't disappear when it should
20 Bug
<> German Help file translates ROT13 as ROT14
21 Bug
<eglvWxwrAHA.2396@tkmsftngp05> Pasting rich text into a plain text message doesn't convert the text to plain text (display problem only)
1 Feature
<> Use format=flowed as prefered text format (this also fixes bug #1)
2 Feature
<> GNKSA compliance
3 Feature
<ux2r0FWfAHA.1588@tkmsftngp05> Live softwrapping of text (Mac OE does this)
4 Feature
<> Show Followup-To header in preview window/view
5 Feature
<> Command to rewrap quoted text (preserving prefix)
6 Feature
<eUA38PpZAHA.2132@tkmsftngp05> Color quoted text
7 Feature
<> Skip quoted text (shift-space)
8 Feature
<> Hide/Mute quoted text
9 Feature
<#27eqceZAHA.2108@tkmsftngp05> More colors for plain text messages (sigs, headers, quoted text)
10 Feature
<93c9aq$363$> Interpret standard usenet markup, *'s for bold, /'s for italic and _'s for underline
11 Feature
<> Color sigs
12 Feature
<> Exclude sigs with sigdashes from quoting
13 Feature
<> Hide sigs when reading articles
14 Feature
<> Copy sig from article into random sig file
15 Feature
<91r70a$4vft2$> Make the sig a group property
16 Feature
<#Yg6te2eAHA.1820@tkmsftngp03> SMTP after POP
17 Feature
<> Add support for "Mail-Copies-To" headers
18 Feature
<> Add support for Posted-And-Mailed header
19 Feature
<> Generate a message-id when posting, including user token
20 Feature
<none> Ability to add custom headers to all outgoing post
21 Feature
<none> Ability to customize header display in preview mode when reading articles
22 Feature
<> Search deja/google for selected message-id
23 Feature
<OVtlxbCdAHA.2068@tkmsftngp05> Ability to make changes in text around misspelled word
24 Feature
<eZcpxbNaAHA.2076@tkmsftngp04> Right click to open new link in new window
25 Feature
<elx1GGleAHA.1472@tkmsftngp03> Number of posts in a collapsed thread
26 Feature
<uW4F#oIiAHA.2076@tkmsftngp03> Ignore subthread (use References to do so?)
27 Feature
<eKOj5QRpAHA.1740@tkmsftngp05> Option to thread based solely on the References header
28 Feature
<OEB41#jZAHA.1820@tkmsftngp04> Show threads with unread messages
29 Feature
<eAlatSeqAHA.1916@tkmsftngp03> Ability to show read posts in a thread without that applying to all articles
30 Feature
<Bdzs6.99$> Make it easier to expand/collapse threads.
31 Feature
<Xe8_5.4009$> Resend sent messages (Mac OE does this)
32 Feature
<Xe8_5.4009$> Right click to get all messages in a group.
33 Feature
<Xe8_5.4009$> Have "folders" & "contacts" in toolbar by default
34 Feature
<uguKsnaZAHA.1296@tkmsftngp04> Ability to block HTML messages (mail and news)
35 Feature
<uXPPKDbaAHA.1988@tkmsftngp04> Ability to run OE as system tray icon
36 Feature
<u4Zif$WZAHA.2140@tkmsftngp02> Copy files to another machine and have OE on that machine use them.
37 Feature
<udhQcqjiAHA.2076@tkmsftngp03> Minimize downloads into system tray
38 Feature
<uCa5IELgAHA.2144@tkmsftngp04> Minimize OE to tray area
39 Feature
<#ALT2wXgAHA.1172@tkmsftngp02> If OE minimized into tray, pop up messages when new mail
40 Feature
<eHmlNuVaAHA.952@tkmsftngp05> Paste more formats from clipboard into OE
41 Feature
<93450m$8c3ra$> Display incoming messages as plain text, not html
42 Feature
<u5ARU$9nAHA.908@tkmsftngp02> Block N replies to blocked sender
43 Feature
<#KMeRaVZAHA.2060@tkmsftngp04> Easier to en/disable Javascript
44 Feature
<OGMi7xnnAHA.1380@tkmsftngp02> Ability to write custom ad-on's.
45 Feature
<#kZWwhZhAHA.1856@tkmsftngp02> Account specific text format
46 Feature
<> Easy synchronization of killfiles.
47 Feature
<> Identities separate from accounts
48 Feature
<> Support for Spoiler Char (aka FF)
49 Feature
<> Reformat quoted text command
50 Feature
<uA6lqUlZAHA.1280@tkmsftngp04> Don't wrap url's
51 Feature
<> Show X-Faces
52 Feature
<924fk4$4e1$> Import/export address book to MS Access
53 Feature
<Wix16.54$> Warn before adding duplicate addresses to address book
54 Feature
<uvTTDRVZAHA.1280@tkmsftngp04> Use same format for address book in Office/Outlook/Outlook Express/etc
55 Feature
<Om9pXOqaAHA.1324@tkmsftngp05> Ability to filter on any header (support XHDR command)
56 Feature
<#CZhOR3rAHA.2132@tkmsftngp05> Ability to filter based upon attachment name
57 Feature
<93cas2$3nt$> Regular expressions in filter rules
58 Feature
<u39xlkjhAHA.1648@tkmsftngp03> Allow messages from specific senders to execute java/perlscript
59 Feature
<eS31al4cAHA.1392@tkmsftngp02> Command to unquote quoted text
60 Feature
<4XCc6.1106$> Auto save message during composition
61 Feature
<etBC$A$nAHA.684@tkmsftngp03> Download mail and news simultaneously
62 Feature
<eOEppkznAHA.320@tkmsftngp05> Nicknames for newsgroups
63 Feature
<ugITk5sZAHA.2076@tkmsftngp02> Easier viewing and forwarding of full headers
64 Feature
<Oact8xoaAHA.1128@tkmsftngp03> Subject sorting to take multipart binaries into account
65 Feature
<#aZA3AFjAHA.2160@tkmsftngp04> Drag and drop newsgroup subscriptions from one account to another
66 Feature
<upeJFCBdAHA.904@tkmsftngp05> Delete address from address book w/o opening address book
67 Feature
<#2iHC8cnAHA.1732@tkmsftngp04> Delete unexpired articles from local disk
68 Feature
<> Delete duplicate email messages
69 Feature
<OTDKX$woAHA.1092@tkmsftngp03> Import/Export all files/settings into one file
70 Feature
<91a7t2$38h$> Download and display multipart messages automatically
71 Feature
<eNbrI0ZaAHA.1656@tkmsftngp03> Drop down list of all subscribed newsgroups
72 Feature
<OV$IIIkmAHA.1916@tkmsftngp04> Send email to all addresses for person in address book
73 Feature
<Kn0_5.3063$> Show emoticons as icons
74 Feature
<> Export to archive (probably in mbox format)
75 Feature
<u6fzlOtZAHA.1060@tkmsftngp04> Check all mail accounts simultaneously
76 Feature
<> Command for getting "parent" article (last message-id in References header)
77 Feature
<ONS2Ud2dAHA.1856@tkmsftngp03> Custom attribution
78 Feature
<ejAn7WahAHA.1232@tkmsftngp05> Use double click to center splitter bar between preview and thread panes
79 Feature
<eH38uUqZAHA.1924@tkmsftngp03> Hierarchical view of newsgroups (bad wish IMO, live filtering better)
80 Feature
<eM#iIpyqAHA.1488@tkmsftngp04> Ability to filter out/delete groups when getting the newsgroups list
81 Feature
<#mcJ28DiAHA.1784@tkmsftngp05> multiple connections to nntp server for simultaneous binary downloading
82 Feature
<ehUjc8aZAHA.1360@tkmsftngp04> Virtual newsgroups (combine groups into one for viewing)
83 Feature
<> Synch across accounts/servers if the groups are the same
84 Feature
<usIPRPjkAHA.908@tkmsftngp02> Show posters address as well as user name when viewing article
85 Feature
<#V#VEJxZAHA.1280@tkmsftngp04> Kerberos authentication support
86 Feature
<OAH6sEzmAHA.1476@tkmsftngp04> More efficient storage of newsgroup headers/faster access to group
87 Feature
<> Multiple/Specify SMTP server
88 Feature
<> Mail rules that apply to out going messages
89 Feature
<etvlQAAeAHA.1280@tkmsftngp03> Option to keep old news messages
90 Feature
<#cUW25BdAHA.1960@tkmsftngp05> Ability to specify multiple servers for POST commands (needs OE to generate message-id)
91 Feature
<va7_5.3769$> Preview list of mail messages on server before downloading
92 Feature
<eeVY8uoZAHA.1980@tkmsftngp05> Print thread-tree then messages
93 Feature
<91a559$od9$> Option to have sig automatically appended to /end/ of new message, not above quoted text
94 Feature
<O0RVnzggAHA.2076@tkmsftngp04> Recognize message-id's as message-id's and not addresses
95 Feature
<uD3HcDhwAHA.1176@tkmsftngp03> Treat message-id's/news url's as belonging to the "current" account, and not the "default" account.
96 Feature
<uff$xbfZAHA.1380@tkmsftngp05> Support for scripting languages controlling OE
97 Feature
<OpTVZxHcAHA.1312@tkmsftngp03> Preview pane optional on a per folder/group basis
98 Feature
<OCMhsHOaAHA.2184@tkmsftngp04> Remember size of send/receive windows and columns
99 Feature
<> Print preview that allows customizing how the message is printed
100 Feature
<938m11$chv$> Ability to create new folder when saving attachments
101 Feature
<u#n5q2WZAHA.1564@tkmsftngp05> Column width and sorting be stored on a per group basis
102 Feature
<#3Qui3yeAHA.2020@tkmsftngp05> Rules to act on IMAP folders, not just local folders
103 Feature
<93c9tv$3cg$> Support for Supersedes
104 Feature
<93c7e5$2lh$> Use an external editor
105 Feature
<> Catchup all groups on server by right clicking on server
106 Feature
<93mp3g$dk2$> Save multiple messages as text file
107 Feature
<Om$u18UZAHA.1936@tkmsftngp02> Ability to delete attachment but keep message (mac version can do this)
108 Feature
<efmhEsWZAHA.1980@tkmsftngp05> Change default directory for saving attachments
109 Feature
<eHrC2NVZAHA.2256@tkmsftngp05> Multiple newsgroups views (view more than one newsgroup at a time)
110 Feature
<> Presubscribe to "newusers" groups
111 Feature
<unb7OcrmAHA.1832@tkmsftngp03> Out of Band (i.e. in headers not body) rich text
112 Feature
<u0MKam3mAHA.1476@tkmsftngp03> Turn warnings back on easily
113 Feature
<> Get all command for news
114 Feature
<eglvWxwrAHA.2396@tkmsftngp05> Plain text font should be monospaced, and easier to change
115 Feature
<eglvWxwrAHA.2396@tkmsftngp05> Better in group searching
116 Feature
<eglvWxwrAHA.2396@tkmsftngp05> Provide a way to see what an alias in the headers represents
Some wishes NOT posted to the newsgroup.
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